Explore the world of acrylic paint in this 3 session course; the first 30 minutes will be lecture followed by    hands-on painting.  Many styles; including Abstract!

  Pre-requisite:  desire to experiment with acrylic paints
     Class limit:  8
     Class runs 1:30 - 3:30 (Friday)    

     Cost: $36    

     Supply list:  pencil, eraser, acrylic paints (a cheap set of paints is fine; red, blue, yellow, purple, white) plus a         larger tube of white (Artist's Loft brand from Michaels is fine); a slightly better set would include purple, green,       orange, burnt umber; "cheap" brushes are okay; a canvas, bristol board or water colour paper measuring 11" x 14"     and newspaper to protect the table tops round out the list of supplies.
     Instructor:  Jim Keayes

     Course Dates: April 17th, May 22nd, June 19th  


Learn how to knit or crochet or improve your knitting or crochet in this fun class that is geared to all ability levels.

 Pre-requisite:  none    

 Class limit: 8

The first project will be a scarf.
Class runs 1:30 - 3:30 once a week (Wednesday) for 8 weeks
Cost: $50  

Class notes:  n/a  

Supplies:  for crochet:  a number 4 1/2 hook and a ball of knitting worsted yarn ( no black please!)

Supplies:  for knitting:  4.0 or 4.5 mm needles and one ball of worsted weight yarn (no black please!)  

Instructor:  Myrtle Waddell

Start date: April 8th


 Bring an existing project or start a new one.  A weekly mini  quilting retreat where you take time out to work on your quilting projects without outside pressures.  Relax  and share your quilting knowledge and experiences with like minded individuals.

 Pre-requisite:  basic sewing and quilting skills  

     Class limit: 6 
     Class runs 11:15 - 3:30 once a week (Wednesday) for 10 weeks
     Cost: $50

  Supplies:  bring an existing project or start a new one of your choice

  Start Date:  April 8th


 Over the 10 weeks of the course, one hand (probably "Foundational") will be taught in depth with a variety of easily mastered scripts added for use in cards, on posters, etc.  A suitable pen will be purchased the first day from the instructor ($5 or less).


  Pre-requisite:  none    

     Class limit: 10
     Class runs 11:15 - 1:15 once a week (Thursday) for 10 weeks
     Cost: $60 

  Supplies:  calligraphy pen available from the instructor for $5; please bring an 8 1/2 x 11 or larger notebook to practice.    

     Instructor:  Helen Martin

     Start Date: April 9th



This is a basic introduction to drawing for beginners.  You will learn to focus on still-life and landscape drawing.  You will be introduced to a range of approaches and skills.  Students will explore the drawing process from beginning to final rendition.

  Class Limit: 8

  Class runs 11:15-1:15 once a week (Monday) for eight weeks

  Cost: $50

  Supplies:  Bristol Book 9 x 12 or equivalent

  Koh-1-Noor Triograph Graphic Pencils Assorted or equivalent.

  Derwent Charcoal Pencil Dark or equivalent.

  Instructor:           Arthur Babiarz

  Start Date:   April 6th



This is an intermediate course that builds on the beginners watercolour program.  It includes in depth on line tutorials and in class instruction on popular watercolour techniques – wet on wet, drybrush, splatters and sprays, negative space, graduated washes, textures, masking, etc.

  Class limit: 8

  Class Runs 1:30-3:30 once a week (Monday) for 8 weeks

  Cost: $50

  Supplies: Watercolor pad - or single sheets in a medium weight.  Brushes varying from fine to 1".  Watercolor paint; a bowl or basin for water; a small sponge and a razor blade, a paint holding tray and a rag for clean ups. 

  Instructor:  C. Aelbers

  Start Date:  April 6th





Please note that supplies may be required in addition to the course fee. People under 50 may only be accepted if space permits and will be subject to an additional $15 fee per course.

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Painting 10.JPG