C 5      LOAD, FILE & EDIT 

Everyone loves to show and share their photographs.  For those with basic computer skills and a digital camera the next step is to place them on your computer.  Learn how to load them, put the photos into folders and then transfer them to a memory stick.  Please bring your camera, memory card and a memory stick to class.


Pre-requisite: basic Window skills (such as a C1 or C2 course), a digital camera
     Class limit: 8
     Class runs 9:00 - 11:00 once a week (Tuesday) for 4 sessions each 
     Cost: $50  

Supplies:  one flash drive/stick to store your work

     Instructor:  Helen Vegh

     Room 1 - Computer Lab   

     Start date:  April 7th for 4 weeks.  Next session May 19th for 4 weeks.



Come out and learn the elements, the basics, the ABC's of Pro Show Gold.  This is a consumer-level tool for creating slideshows from photos, video clips and music.  You will learn to customize slideshows with slide styles and motion effects and all you have to do is simply add pictures, videos or music from your computer or any social media site.  Finally, something to do with all those clips and photos from your camera or cellphone!

Pre-requisite:  Windows basics & managing/editing photographs
     Class limit: 8
     Class runs 1:30-3:30 once a week (Tuesday) for 5 sessions each

     Cost: $50

Supplies:  one flash drive/stick to store your work
     Instructor:  Brigitte Binggeli

     Room 1 - Computer Lab

      Start date: April 7th


Pick your project……make a Book!

Your Instructor will help you build a book of your favorite pictures in three easy steps!

1.      Select your project (Your last trip; your niece’s wedding, etc).

2.      Using the free Photobook Software organize your pictures using your creativity (or the Software helps create it for you.)

3.      When you are happy with your master piece place your order and you will receive your book in a week.

There are 10 choices of book size and the average size for an 8 x 8 is $10.00 and shipping is $10.00

For the first class bring a USB memory stick loaded with 40 to 60 pictures for your project.

     Class limit: 8

     Class runs 11:15-1:15 once a week (Tuesday) for 5 sessions each

     Cost: $50

     Instructor:  Brigitte Binggeli

     Room 1 - Computer Lab

     Start date:  April 7th


For anyone wanting to learn more about their digital camera we now have a Photography Class!  Just bring your camera and be prepared to learn how to effectively take photos with the degree of expertise you have always wanted!

Class limit: 8

Class runs 11:15-1:15 once a week (Thursday) for 8 sessions.

Cost: $50

Instructor: Brian Daniel

Start date: April 23rd


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