Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions:


1.   Q:    If I'm not able to attend during registration week, can someone else register for me?  Can someone else bring in a completed registration form and payment for me?
A: Yes, someone else can register for you if you are not able to.  Yes, someone can bring in a completed registration form and payment for you


2.   Q:    If I'm registering for myself and another person, do I need a separate Registration Form for them?

 A: Yes, if you are registering for yourself and someone else you will need a separate form for them as well.


3.   Q:    Can brochures be picked up anywhere other than at CCCR?
A: Yes, brochures can also be picked up at Burnaby & New Westminster Libraries after mid-August/December/March.  They are also available at Century House in New Westminster & NWPL as well as most community centres in Burnaby


4.   Q:    If I provide you with my email address, will you email me a copy of the brochure?
A: Yes, if you provided us with your email address on your registration form, you should be receiving a copy of the brochure in your inbox


5.   Q:    Does CCCR accept phone or online registrations?
A: No, we do not accept phone registrations or online registrations at this time.


6.   Q:    Is CCCR open during the summer?
A: No, we are not open during the summer


7.   Q:    I'm a member at another community centre.  Does my membership apply to CCCR?
A: No, memberships at other community centres are not valid at the CCCR


8.   Q:    Do you offer night-time courses?
A: No, CCCR only offers day-time courses