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A 5  Quilting

Bring an existing project or start a new one.  A weekly mini quilting retreat where you take time out to work on your quilting projects without outside pressures.  Relax  and share your quilting knowledge and experiences with like minded individuals.

Pre-requisite:  Basic sewing and quilting skills  

Class limit: 5 
Class runs 11:15 - 3:30 once a week (Wednesday) for 10 weeks
Cost: $100

What to bring to class: 

An existing project or start a new one of your choice

Start Date:  September 14th, 2022


Instructor: This is a class where students teach each other.

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A 7  Knitting


Knitting is known to provide many benefits: it can calm the nerves, keep the mind active, provide achievable goals, and keep boredom away! This course will cover the basics of knitting technique in a few different styles. For new knitters, basic stitch patterns will be introduced including garter, stockinette, rib, seed, and moss stitches. Participants will be encouraged to knit swatches to measure their gauge, and choose from a range of projects suitable for their level of skill and time commitment. Individual projects can include beginner-intermediate patterns for scarves, shawls, vest, socks, hats, and blankets. Linda will assist as needed with technical issues - how to hold the needles ergonomically, how to read patterns, how to keep track of rows and stitches, how to selvedge (for sewing knitted pieces together), and how to fix and prevent some of the more common mistakes.


Pre-requisite:  None

Class limit: 6

Cost:  $80.00


Class minimum: 1

Class runs 11:15-1:15 once a week (Tuesday) for 8 weeks.


Supplies: Participants are encouraged to bring their own needles and yarn; however some materials will be available for lending if needed.


Start Date: September 13th, 2022

Instructor:  Linda Kaastra