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Notre Dame

Delve into your family history

G 1 Finding your Roots


Take the first steps to preserve your irreplaceable memories of family history - no computers needed.  Participants will take home a folder with their information and a guide to updating it later. This is an introductory class to G2 Genealogy.


Pre-requisite:  None

Class limit: 8

Class date: 1 class, Friday (1:30-3:30)

Cost:  $10

Class Notes: $3

What to bring to class: There will be a handout but a notebook and pencil might be useful. 


Instructor:  M. Diane Rogers

Start date: Class is for 1 day on January 26, 2024


Room: 1

G 2  Genealogy

As an intermediate or advanced hobbyist learn strategies and practical tips for delving into the largest and the most specialized databases and websites for your areas of interest.

Growing your family tree online (private or public) and DNA research will also be covered.

Pre-requisite: Participants must possess computer skills and have internet access at home. They will have to have taken G2 (Finding your Roots) within the last few years.  


Class limit: 8
Class runs 1:30-3:30 once a week (Friday); 8 sessions 
Cost: $80    

​Class Notes: $3

What to bring to class:  A notebook and pencil will be useful. Also a folder or 3-ring binder and a flash drive to store your online finds.

Instructor:  M. Diane Rogers

Start date: February 2, 2024


Room: 1

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