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L 4  Intermediate German

This is an intermediate class for for those that desire to expand their knowledge of the German language or have taken a beginner's German class previously.  

Prerequisite: L3 (Beginner's German) or good knowledge of the German language

Class limit: 8


Class runs 1:30-3:00 once a week (Monday) for 8 weeks


Cost $75

Class Notes: $3

​What to bring to class: A booklet for writing down words and highlighters.

Optional: A dictionary Oxford-Duden (English - German, German - English)


Instructor:  Irmhild Plettner

Start Date: 

L 8 Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese


This beginner’s course is for those who wish to learn conversational Mandarin Chinese including standard and official pronunciation as well as simple sentence structures.


Pre-requisite: None 


Class Limit: 8


Class runs: 11:15-1:15, once a week (Friday) for 8 weeks with the exception of February 24th.


Cost: $80

Class Notes: $3


What to bring to class: A note book and pen.


Instructor: Michelle Lo

Start date: April 14th

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