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S 3 Modern Standard American Bridge


This group is intended for people who are already able to engage in a game of bridge on a basic level but are eager to improve their knowledge and play in Standard American Yellow Card bridge. 

During this time they will have the opportunity to analyze their bidding and play in light of SAYC standards.  

This group is social, informal and relaxed. 

We are looking for someone to assist this group. Contact the CCCR office if interested, or if you can recommend someone.

Pre-requisite:  Experience playing Bridge is a must

Class limit: 16
Class runs 11:15-1:15 pm once a week (Wednesday) for 8 weeks

Cost:  $20

What to bring to class: A notebook and pen.

Instructor:  Group

Start date:  January 17, 2024


Room: 2

Playing Cards
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